Monday, January 28, 2008

"Yea Alabama......"

Living in Georgia and being from Alabama, I get a lot of grief on my "Bama" heritage. I have even been called the "token" Alabama employee. No where in the Georgia criminal code does it say you must hire so many minorities, handicap people and so many from Alabama. Regardless, I refuse to convert to or be adopted into Georgia. I will wear my Crimson and White proudly. As I have told others, there are 2 types of people in this world, people FROM ALABAMA, and people who WISH THEY WERE!.
I have met people from the north, people from the mid west, people from the west coast, couple of Iranians, a few Chinese, one Romanian, and none of them are like true Southerners. Sure they think we all talk funny, we only drink ice tea even for breakfast, we all date our cousins, we all drive trucks and we all own at least 1 shotgun. The truth is, we dont talk funny, everyone else is just doing it wrong. Some of us drink more tea than others. Me personally, it just isnt the same without a cup of REAL sugar. Splenda in tea just isnt the same and since I can't have real southern tea, I'll pass on that one. I dont plan on being on Jerry Springer any time soon and since I'm married to a great "Georgia" gal, the whole cousin thing doesnt apply either. I dont own any shotguns, handguns or even BB guns but as any true southerner would be, we have not one, but two trucks in our garage. (One is a honda, does that really count as a truck?)
One thing southerners do and do very well is come together when a loved one passes away. If someone close to you dies, people you probably have never met will bring more food to your house than your kitchen can hold. If someone in your work, your school or church dies or has someone close to them pass on, you automatically make a caserole, a cake or a pie. It isnt law in Alabama, it is just the way it is.
Last week, a popular radio personality (Rick Burgess) got news while out of town, that his 2 year old son, Bronner, had drown in the family pool. Rick being the strong Christian man that he is well known to be, spoke at his son's memorial service. The church had the insight to video what he said and someone put the video up on As of this post, it has been viewed 364,117 times. That is 17,000 views today since this morning when I saw it again.

What is so special about this video

It is the message that God spoke through Rick. It is about how people came together for this family. It is about how a father, who just received the worst possible knews a father could get, was obedient to God. It is a challenge to all of us to look at our lives, to finish the fight.

What has blown me away is how God used the death of this 2 yr old child to make an impact on the kingdom not just in Alabama but throughout the world. On Rick's radio show this morning, they said that the video on you tube reached #1 in the WORLD last week. I dont know if Billy Graham has made an impact on the world in just a few days like this child has.
Today was Rick's first day back on the radio. People were calling in sharing what an impact this video has had on them. Churches have viewed it and entire churches were re-examining their lives and coming back to Christ. A Birmingham weatherman told a story of leading children's church this past Sunday and telling the story of what had happened. Sixteen kids came to Christ because of this event. Rick was at a conference when he got the news. No one will ever know the impact this event had on the people at this conference.
A warning. If you enjoy your life the way it is, dont watch this video. If you like going through your routine in your own little world, dont watch it. It is a message of hope, a challenge to finish the fight, and it encourages you to look at yourself and make an impact for the kingdom.

Not many messages have touched me like this one has. It not only reminded me of why bad things sometimes happen to good people, it reminded me that God has a plan, I am part of it, and when it is all over and done with , God wins. Everything good and bad, happens because like Rick says in the video, God allowed it to happen to bring about His glory.

Dear God,
Thank you for William Bronner Burgess. Thank you for using Rick, at the lowest point of his life, to bring this message that reached me as well as countless others, and challenged us to all look at ourselves and when dark times come, to remember Bronner and how what seems like tragedy to us, God is using to make an impact. Help me to remember this in my own life when I think I dont want to go on, I just want to go home.