Monday, January 29, 2007

Only 330 shopping days until Christmas.....

It never ceases to amaze me how fast life moves. It seems like only yesterday I was spending the weekend at my parents for Christmas and now it has been a over month since Christmas. Thirty five days have passed in the blink of an eye and I can barely remember what happened on most of them. Sure, there was New Years Eve and New Years Day. Then two weeks ago we spent another weekend at my parents house but those two events total about 5 days. What happened to the other 30?
I let life get so crazy around me that I do not even realize what is going on. Work covers me up until it is all that I can see. I have a poster on my wall of a HUGE "X" to help remind me about what I say and do every day. It is about 3 layers deep behind other notes, papers and garbage so that I cant even see but a small corner of it. What I can see is my Christian walk fading, my attitude going south fast, and everything around me getting cluttered up so much and I didnt even care.
Once again, as so many times in the past, I had to regain my focus. I, as Steph has so many times told me to do, started eating this elephant, one piece at a time. I worked on bills, then cleaned up my office, cleaned up my basement, cleaned up my garage. I focused on getting everything around me back in order.
Getting my walk back in order wasnt as easy. I havent been happy for a while now at First Baptist Douglasville, but remained firm in my committment to God, Steph and her family. I would not move us from that church unless we both felt God moving us.
Here lately, God has been warming up the "U-Haul." I didnt realize how much my small comments about not moving really screamed "I WANT TO GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!" Little things started bothering us both, about our church. Nothing huge, but a lot of small things can add up to a major unhappy Christian. She saw how unhappy I was and I know that made her unhappy as well.
What made changing difficult was the incredible Sunday School that we were part of. The people were great, the teaching was great and we all interacted at class socials, etc. It was a great class. Regardless of how great it was, we both realized that it wasnt a strong enough tie to keep us happy there. As difficult as it was, we started looking online at other church websites.
We ended up trying Lost Mountain Baptist, an older church in a new building that is really moving for God. We went twice on Wednesday nights and then yesterday morning, made the decision to "replace our window stickers" and join.
We now had OUR church and what a church it is. God is SO moving in that church. Three sundays ago they took an offering and gave the entire offering away to three local ministries. The following week, they had double their average offering and yesterday had TRIPLE the average offering for that week. Everyone there is incredibly warm and friendly. It has traditional music that Steph likes along with the contemporary music that I like. The pastor is a Southern Seminary grad just like Steph and we are both ready to hit the ground running.
God reallly aligned everything and gave us both the peace about where we are.
I know it was difficult for her leaving a church that she had been a part of for 12+ years and no longer going to church with her family but she sacrificed all of that, for our family so that she and I could grow closer together at our church.
What a great wife I have!

Dear God,
Thank you so much for your guidance. You have shown us both the path that You want us to go on and provided us with a new church home. You have broken down the barriers and opened up the hearts of the members there to us as well and made us feel at home from the very first minute. Thank you for giving me an incredible wife who supports me unconditionally. A wife who looks to her indecisive husband to make the choice for our family and pushes him only when he needs pushed. A wife who trusts that I have sought your guidance in any decision made but knows I always ask for and value her opinion as well. Open the doors so that we can be used at Lost Mountain in any way You see it.