Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Two, plus one equals three......

One of those weeks when things just don't add up. Things happen that shouldn't or people don't react to the end result of those events. Things just don't add up.
Then, fear, worry and doubt enter the picture, and the next thing you know is that 2, plus one, well, should enter three, but does it really?
Just because things aren't going the way that I think they should, has math changed? Has the way things work out, the way we go about our daily lives changed, just because they aren't working to what I think they should?
Two things in this life are constant and true. First....God never changes. He is always there. He will always get us through adversity. Everything happens according to His plan, the plan that He came up with centuries before I came about and determining how I think life should be. Life isn't fair and often not understood at all but its all according to His plan. Second....I am not God. I have never claimed to be, but almost every day, I try to fix things that are not within my ability to fix. I try to fix things in my life and in the lives of others, so in a sense, I am trying to do God's job and the last time I checked, I don't think He needed any help.
However, through adversity, I am reminded that He is in control and that every time we are faced with adversity, we are given an opportunity. An opportunity to come out of the adversity stronger than we were before.
A very special person in my life told me "The closer you get to God, the more satan attacks you. Its when you aren't being attacked that you should be worried because satan won't attack you when you arent close to God....."
That very special person, my wife, encourages me, prays for me and builds me up every day and I thank God for her.

However, in the midst of all of this turmoil in my life, 2 plus 1 still equals three. Steph and I have added one to our lives. Maggie, a three year old boxer mix came into our lives saturday. She is one really great dog. I will be putting pics up of her soon.....

Dear God,
Thank you, thank you for the reminder that you are trying to grow me. Help me to depend on you more and to realize that a valley in life, is not a bad thing. Help me to realize that when I am down, its time to look up and start the climb. Thank you for someone in my life to remind me of that, to encourage me and to pray for me. Thank you for daily reminders that regardless of what I go through, You are there.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

You might be old if....

Today is July 6, 2006. The first day after my 37th birthday. For the first time that I can remember, I worked on my birthday. I spent it with family afterwards, but I went to work first. I realized last night just before dinner, enough was enough. The time for doing without thinking of the results has come and gone. It was time to realize that every action that I do, has a result. For example, if I spend too much, the result is I'm out of money, and can't pay my bills. If I eat too much, I gain weight. If I work too much........you get the picture.
I'm 37. If I lived to be 84, my life is half over. The average life span for a white male in Georgia is 71.46 years. That means my life is OVER half way done. Have I made a difference? Have I accomplished something earth shattering?

Not yet.....

However, I did realize that I need to make small "adjustments" in my life. I spend entirely too much time worrying about work, working too much, eating the wrong things, spending when I should be saving. The biggest realization was I don't spend enough time with God. Sure I think about Him a lot, but don't spend time with Him. I pray, but blessings don't really count as talking to Him.

So......change #1. I went to Lifeway last night. Going in I had the mindset I was not going to buy another book that I would not read. I walked all over the store just killing time before dinner. Finally I looked over the bible studies. Stephanie had just finished reading Revelations, a book I don't fully understand, so I thought I would get one on that. For some reason, I was drawn to the study on James, which I brought home with me. It was talking about wisdom from God, a continuation of the lesson in Sunday school this previous week. Bill did an amazing job talking about Job and the wisdom from God and it has stuck with me all week.
Change #2. Realize that everything that I do, has an end result. Is buying X worth not having Y? Is eating a 2nd helping worth feeling full all afternoon? Is working at home worth not spending time with God?

Oh no. I'm becoming an adult responsible for my own actions......Could it be true?

Dear God,
Thank you. You have brought me through yet another year of my life. A year that was full of changes. You answered my prayers and brought me the one. The one who encourages me, builds me up, yet lets me build her up as well. You taught me patience to wait for her and not settle for second best. You only want the best for us if we will just wait until its Your time, not ours. You not only gave me my own incredible family my entire life, but now you have given me another that loves me just as much as if I were one of their own. You truly do everything the bible says You would do, if we just wait. You have given me the very best in life and for that I am forever thankful. Guide me to be the christian husband, and family man you would have me to be and never take for granted the gifts in life you have given. Help me to always have patience and realize that the best is just around the corner.