Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Here's your sign...

Every day, we pass hundreds of signs on the sides of the road. We see even more signs in newly populated areas for new subdivisions. Signs are there for selling houses, buying houses, cleaning houses, etc. Election time brings about a whole NEW group of signs. P0liticians from every office from county clerk, to sherriff, mayor, governor, yada yada yada. Fortunately my father in law is in the sign business.
Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with putting up a sign. A few years ago, someone even put up signs that contained messages from God: (http://www.jamesshuggins.com/h/mot1/messages_from_god.htm)
"That love thy neighbor thing, I meant that" - God
"Don't make Me come down there!" - God
Those were just a couple of them. These signs won awards, became the subject of books, and were talked about all over the internet. Why? Because people noticed them. They caught the eye of people on the road traveling. Hopefully they made people think.
Right now there is a lot of hype about the movie "The Davinci Code" because of the negative image that it portrays of Jesus. So, a LOT of churches have signs up for their services against the movie. This I personally think just adds fuel to the curiosity fire to see what the movie is all about, but I noticed the sign. It hasnt made me want to go see the movie or an anti davinci code rally, but none the less, I see the signs all the time.

What about the signs we dont notice?

These dont have to be a physical sign with letters, numbers and pictures. They could just be a sign of how things are, how life is changing, or even a sign of things to come.

For example:
There were over 200 incidents in the year 2002 in Alabama and Georgia alone where a child was caught with a firearm at school. Could this be a sign that maybe taking prayer out of the schools wasnt a good idea?
Somewhere in America, a young girl is raped every 2 minutes, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. Could this be a sign maybe our daughters are dressing a little too provacative?
There are almost half a million registered sex offenders in this nation. There are 36 in my zip code alone. Could this be a sign of the impact television and the internet are having on society?

What about signs of things to come?

The Bible is full of end of times prophecy. There are too many to list here but one thing has stood out in my mind recently. It basically says that everyone will have a number. This could at first be readily thought to be social security number or drivers license. Well, people in Africa dont have social security and probably dont drive in some parts of the desert. However, as technology grows and the world as a whole, depends upon it, every user on the internet has a UNIQUE IP address. If you dont think that could be it, check out http://www.verichipcorp.com/
They have a product that implants a microchip in your hand. This microchip contains personal data and information.

Scary huh?

If you just look at the world around us, with all of the natural disasters, animal attacks, the situation in the middle East, what we have done with our resources, etc., you just almost have to think, "Ok, this is it. God is getting fed up with us."

If that is the case, then the best sign that I have seen so far would have to be a bumper sticker that I saw a few years ago....
"In case of rapture, this vehicle will be unmanned."

Dear God, thank you for signs. Signs that you are around us every day. From the obvious signs like small children, flowers, and sunshine to the not so obvious signs like heros in disasters, people helping people, a thank you, or just an unexpected smile. Thank you for signs that let us know where we are in Your will.