Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My Glass is now overflowing......

Wow. Its hard to believe what has happened since my last entry. The last time that I had TIME to enter any "Meaningless Rambling", things had just started taking off with the "someone that I've met." Well, to make a long story short, that someone, is now my wife. She is a greater answer to any prayer that I have ever had in my life. Some things we are as different as night is to day while other things we are so alike that its scary.
We went from a first what I thought was going to be the end and it turned out to be the launching pad for our relationship, to a great relationship with Christ in the center. It's so unlike any relationship I have had in the past. Some might say 2 months and you are engaged seems a little fast, but when you know, you just know. We never even broke up, not even for a second.
Our wedding was unbelievable from the rehearsal to the flight back from the honeymoon in Boston. Her dad and sister both sang in the wedding as well as one of her college friends. Our nieces from both sides almost stole the show lol. We had old friends and new friends at the wedding and in the wedding. Other than I was sweating like crazy and we had to take about a thousand pictures, all went well. Especially the ride out of there. I'll be posting pictures later, but we left in a bright red Hummer Truck. It was HUGE! That night we stayed at the Mariott near the airport so it would be easy to head out the next morning.
The next morning we headed to Boston and then on to the Cape. What an incredible place. We spent Monday in Sandwich, Hyannis, and Yarmoth, Tuesday in Provincetown, Eastham and Chatham, crashed Wednesday in the Condo, Thursday in Woods Hole, and returned to Boston on Friday.
Gotta run, I'll finish this later.....