Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The glass is half full

Murphy's law: "Anything that can go wrong, will...."
the motto of the Boy Scouts of American, "Be prepared...."
These 2 statements say volumes about the way people think. "Hope for the best but prepare for the worst." Most marriages today have a prenuptual agreement dividing up everthing from retirement to drink coasters. People have gone from planning for old age to planning for disaster. Y2K is a PERFECT example.
About 90% of all you hear about in the news today is about the remnants of the 2 hurricanes. What about the heros who cut people out of their attics? What about all of the churches from states away who went and did nothing but hand out bottled water? I bet if Britney Spears was there handing out water with another half dressed girl, you would see it on every channel and every web site there is.
We automatically complain about the bad things and never reflect or never say anything about the good things in life.
This week, God showed me this in my life. I have recently met someone who has been a huge bright light in my life. She's not like anyone I have ever dated and I am going out of my way to make sure I do things right this time. Well, after a couple of weeks of everything absolutely going better than expected, I got a very confusing email from her and I automatically thought the worst. All that I could think were "Well the ride has come to an end" and "this really sucks". Then God reminded me, for 2 weeks, I had dated a really incredible girl. For 2 weeks, I walked on air because as I put it "a pretty girl in Villa Rica likes me and wants to go out with me....!!!!!" He reminded me that this was from him, just like the vine was to Jonah and just like Jonah, all I did was complain about what I had not even lost yet.
I changed my mindset. I turned it all over. I quit worrying about it. I even told someone, "if this is the end, then thanks be to God for a great 2 weeks."
Then I got a phone call.
She explained that the email was not intended the way that I took it. That I had laid my cards out and she wanted to do the same. Then on the drive to meet her for dinner, God let me know that everything was going to be ok. We had the most incredible dinner with each other just talking about our relationship (man that sounds great). Afterwards, I went with her to her parents house and met more of her family. Sunday, I am going to dinner at her parents for her mom's birthday.
The evening that I dreaded completely, turned out to be one of the best so far.

Dear God,
Once again, you have shown me how incredible you are. You create not one but 2 hurricanes in the gulf and completely destroy an entire area of the country, for what reason we dont know yet but we will, and yet you still have time to take care of my problems in little old dallas, ga. Help me to remember that You are in control and if I will just turn my problems over to You, and get out of Your way, everything will be better than expected. Help me to remember not only the vine that You give me, but also the shade I enjoy while under Your vine. Help me know that the glass that you have given me is not half empty or half full, its overflowing.......


Saturday, September 10, 2005

....it's in the game.

Life.....it has evolved. Today, we drive for hours to work at jobs we dont like. We have instant coffee, heat-em-and-eat-em meals in minutes, cell phones that show video and soon television. We have cable and satellite tv with over 500 channels, (and still nothing on). We have mp3 players that can store thousands of songs, entire albums (yes, albums. You remember, big black shiny things that had about 12 songs each on it that had a kewl static in the background when you played it.) We have movies on demand instead of going to the movie theaters. We have simulation games instead of board games. We have a speed limit that is greater than the ability most people have to drive a car safely and still we exceed even the posted limits.

So with all of these conveniences, why do we still not have time for the things that are important. Like family, friends, and last but certainly not the least, God?

Well, I have found the answer. After searching the globe over, or at least my part of the globe here in Dallas, the answer is simple.

Someone put too many buttons on the controller.

Like most people, my age, I grew up with an Atari 2600. Like life at that time, simple. You had a joystick and a fire button. You could move up or down, left or right. Simple.
Life was simple too. All that I had to do was get up in the morning, go to school, come home and play Atari. In the summer, I cut grass to make enough money just to put gas in my motorcycle but that was usually on weekends.
Around Jr. High, they came out with a Nintendo. Smaller joystick but it now had 4 buttons. So now you could still move the same way but you had more choices, like life. I was in the band so that took up more time, I was older so I took on more responsibilities but still life was easy. No bills, nothing to worry about.
And so on it went. The games got more complex just as life got more complex.
Today, the Atari is long since gone and my X box has 12 buttons and not one, but 2 joysticks. Days of no bills, no mortgage, no insurance, no 12 hr day at my job are long since gone.
I have all the conveniences of life, all the gadgets that I could ever use, and everything to make my life simpler.
Now someone just either has to make away to put more than 24 hrs in a day or a way to take 11 buttons of of my controller.....

Anyone for a good game of Space invaders?