Saturday, May 21, 2005

"Don't put the cart before the horse..."

Thats about the percentage of people on the planet of earth who will see Star Wars after me. A good friend of mine who just so happens to work at a movie theater, called me and let me go to the pre-screening of episode III the night before it opened. I was PUMPED to say the least. So at 12:30 AM on Tuesday, I am sitting in a theater with about 20 other people watching the movie that would gross about 16 million on opening night 24 hours from that moment.
Thirty minutes later, I'm fighting sleep. It wasn't boring, but you already know what is going to happen. Its like reading the book before seeing the movie. I knew who was going to be the bad guy and I knew how he would become that role. *Yawn*
It was a good movie, but so was Braveheart. Braveheart was good enough to own on DVD. Episode III, although good, will not be in my collection and couldn't even compare to the CSI final the following night. I was EXHAUSTED after watching it for 2 hours. It kept you on edge the entire show. AWESOME!
Enough complaining....
This week has been off the hook busy. We are trying to get coordinated 3 of the biggest jobs we have done in a long time if not ever, at the same time. Along with PM's out the ear and other jobs going on at the same time. Today was shot because I had to take some software downtown to some of our guys working this weekend. I got back and watched Episodes IV, V, and VI just to put the excitement back into my Star Wars memories lol.
I'm considering checking out another church tomorrow since Westridge is STILL on the message of joy. Not sure where I will go. If the sun is out, it will probably Westridge on the bike. Otherwise I may check out one of the smaller churches close by.
The "Man Cave" is almost finished. I put up pics in the Gallery. All I have left to do is touch up paint, and trim. My home, inside my home, is my crib. I could stay down here for DAYS...
Last week, at Westridge, Brian mentioned "Are you eager for Christ to return?" That thought has been with me a lot this week. I am still on the high from the service on April 24, 2005. That service rocked me. The message was awful but the worship was incredible. If heaven is anything like that service, where all we do is worship, I am ready, willing and waiting on you God.

Dear God,
I haven't seen you a lot this week. Not that I know You weren't there, because I know You were. Once again, I just put too much "garbage" between You and I. As awesome as You are, and still chose someone like me when You could choose anyone better, just lets me know You love me. I am eager for Your return, but patiently and obiediently waiting for Your Time, not mine. Give me the strength and wisdom to make this upcoming week, better than the last. Help me be better for You than I was last week, because I failed miserably...again. Thanks for all you have given me, done for me and blessed me with. You ARE IN CONTROL!!

Monday, May 09, 2005

You take the high road and I'll take the low road....

Every year its the same thing.

The infamous "SPLIT".

What I mean is that on the trips that I take with my family to Tennessee, there is always the "SPLIT." Where I-75 splits and becomes 75 south and I-40 East. This is where I-75 takes me to Dallas and I-40 takes them to I-59 then on to Odenville.

Every year, I say I'm not going to get upset and every year, without fail, I just about bawl for 3 or 4 miles. At first, it was because I was homesick and incredibly lonely. I have had the most heartfelt prayers during that stretch of 3 or 4 miles. I have literally just cried out to God and said "Either send me Christian friends or send me home!"

I still live in Dallas.

The past couple of trips have been different. Instead of me being homesick and lonely, I have been overwhelmed with how incredibly blessed I am. God has blessed me with the greatest family that I could have ever imagined and its trips like we had this weekend that make me realize how great they are. We had the best time just checking out the car show and going to dinner. Friday night we drove over to Sevierville, TN just to go shopping for me a pair of shoes, and even had a good time doing that.

I know God has me in Dallas, Georgia for a reason. That reason I don't know as of yet, but I'm still here. I am at total peace with being here, I just dont know why I am supposed to be here. I'm sure in His time, it will all be shown to me and I will be making a difference somewhere in His plan.

Dear God,
You are amazing. You show me every day Your presence in my life. You keep on trying to tell me if I will just let go and let You run the show, how awesome life will be. Thank you for this past weekend and the time I got to spend with my parents. They are incredible parents but they are also the greatest blessings that you have given me in this life and they show me their love for me, not in what they pay for on a trip, but in the time they spend with me while on that trip. I am so unworthy to have a blessing in my life like they are to me. Thank you for my family and all the other gifts you have blessed me with in my life.