Monday, February 14, 2005

Warning: The Surgeon General has declared that too much country music can be harmful to your health.

Its official. I've seen all of the signs and I've been in denial now for some time. The grey hair, aching joints, a mortgage, spending money at Home Depot instead of Best Buy, all of the signs are there. However, the BIGGEST sign that I am officially getting older, is that instead of listening to something that would make 12" subs blow the windows out of my ride, I've started listening to country on a more frequent basis. I dont know if it was being burnt out on contemporary christian music, crappy boy band music, or simply, not a single pop standout that I like. Blake loves Nelly and can quote most of his music but the one Nelly song that I like is a duet with Tim McGraw. So its official, I've topped the mountain of youth and I'm now on the plains of adulthood.
However.....I flat out refuse to go quietly out to pasture. After all, I still ride a crotch rocket, I have all the toys and gadgets that I want.
Unfortunately.....Life is dragging me down today. The reality of another year gone by, another relationship is history. Today, Valentines Day, seems to SUCK worse than it ever has. I think tonight, I'm just going to the gymn, then going to bed. After all, tomorrow is another day.