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Yesterday was Memorial Day 2015. Not to take light of the sacrifices of so many who served and are serving our country, but yesterday took on an entirely different meaning for me and Stephanie. Since almost day 2 of our marriage, we have been trying to grow our family. We have done several rounds of IUI, tried private adoption through an organization that tried to scam us out of a lot of money, and we have tried having 2 other kids in our home that also did not work out…

Yesterday was move in day…

The 2 boys that we have done respite care for, moved from their previous foster home, in to our home.

Yesterday was a day that we have worked toward, prayed for, had others pray along with us for and now it was here.  The prayer that we asked God to grow our family had finally come through. It took 9 years for us to grow but it was all in God’s time, not ours. No matter how hard we tried to force God’s hand, He always had a different plan for us. Even through the times where we were pregnant, God knew the results. He knew that even though we were on an extreme high, a very dark time would be ahead for us. I know that even through the excitement, His heart had to be breaking because He knew that He had a different plan and what we were about to go through.

He never left us. He never forgot about us and He still answered our prayer, just not in the way that we expected it. He answered it in the way He planned it.

We have a LOT to learn about BEING parents and a lot to learn about being THEIR parents. We’re learning what they both like and don’t like, while at the same time learning about each of their individual personalities. They are learning that we are not Mr. and Mrs. White, we are Keith and Stephanie. They are learning the house rules and what happens when you break one. It’s all a learning process that will be frustrating at times, but amazing at others.

I am just glad this day has finally come. Now we can move from looking at where we have been and what we went through to get here, to looking forward and looking at where do we want to go? What in our lives and the way that we have  been brought up, can we show to these guys so that they can impact lives of others like we are hoping to do in theirs now?

It’s a scary ride that we are on being first time parents, but I wouldn’t change a thing…

Dear God,

You have answered our prayers in a huge and mighty way. It’s not the way I saw it coming together 9 years ago but it’s the way that You knew it would even before we were thought about. You knew from day 1, this would be where we are, right here, right now, caring for these boys. Help us to be the parents and influence in their lives, like our parents and so many others were in our lives. Thank you for growing our family…….X2!



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