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Back in 2013, when we left SMBC. We had no clue of the events that would soon come to pass but we were without a church home during one of the darkest points in my life. We had no church family to comfort us. Sure we had friends and family that were praying for us, but nothing like the closeness that you get from being part of a church family.

During this time we realized that we needed to go back to one of our previous churches where we were known and loved. The building was the same. Some of the people were still there but it was nothing like what we expected. We were still missing that church family.

We visited several churches. Some were home churches of friends of ours. Some were just churches that either one of us or both of us had never been to. We went to several popular growing churches with popular speakers. We went to Church at Brook Hills hoping to hear David Platt and instead heard his mentor. We went to Passion City Church expecting to hear a message from Louie Giglio and worship from Chris Tomlin but not expecting it to be so incredibly loud that we were unable to worship. We went to a Wednesday night bible study with a potential start up church but never connected with the people there.

Then we noticed something that we had not seen before….the sign. The sign on the roadside that said “Future Home of Gracepointe Church.”

The following Sunday morning, we went for the first time. It is a small church that had been in schools and other locations for a little more than 5 years but now it was in its own facility. The facility once used as a trash transfer station. The place where trash is taken from one point to another. How fitting for a church to transform a facility from something most would never have an interest in coming to, into something worthy of transforming lives and worshiping Christ. The transformation has been remarkable to say the least.

After going to Gracepointe for a few months, we finally had a church home again. We have people there who know us. God has opened the door for me to be able to get out of my comfort zone and play guitar on the worship team. Steph and I have already written a 3 week skit for the church and I know that there will be more to come. This coming Sunday, we will be working with students again. This time again as support but not as youth pastors. Steph will be working with high school girls while I will be back working with middle school guys.

Looking back at some of the deepest valleys that Steph and I have been through in past years, we were without a church family during most of them. It’s easy to take a church family for granted like so many things that we take for granted and put our faith in every day.

Every day we take life for granted and we…..

…put our trust in cheap alarm clocks expecting them to always wake us….

…put our trust in the cars that we drive to work expecting them to start and function getting us to our jobs…

…put our trust in our jobs to be there and allow us to make a living to provide for our families…

…put our trust in the food that we eat expecting it to be safe and not make us ill…

…think our friends and family members will always be there…

These are just a few things that all of us take for granted at some point or another.

Why is it so easy to place our trust in a cheap alarm clock and not place our trust in the One who has our very lives in the palm of His hand? Alarm clocks regardless of how dependable they may seem, will fail us. Cars regardless of how well maintained, will wear out and fail. Jobs can be affected by the economy regardless of how much job security that you think that you have.

Christ will never fail you.

And David said to his son Solomon, Be strong and of good courage, and do it; do not fear nor be dismayed, for the Lord God—my God—will be with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you…1 Chronicles 28:20

So many of my favorite stories in the bible are all about situations that seemed lost. David facing Goliath….Samson blind and in captivity…

Regardless of how bad the situation seemed, God showed up.

Steph and I have faced a lot of trials in our lives. Loss of jobs….a miscarriage….followed by another miscarriage….loss of family members. Each time, God showed up. Each time our faith seemed rocked but God still showed up. Each time it was too easy to forget the last time, but each time God STILL SHOWED UP.

Once again, we are back in this valley that we have been in before. This valley of trials that we both have journeyed through many times in our marriage and have come out on the other side stronger. Our faith gets stronger. Our marriage gets stronger. Sure it will be difficult as it has been in the past.  Sure our faith may seemed rocked at times but this time it will be different…

This time we have a church family!

Dear God,

Being part of a church family is something that I have taken for granted almost my entire life. Having people to surround you, pray for you, love on you, is something that we have needed for a long time. Help us to find where You want us and where You can work through us for Your glory. Help us to touch other lives and open the door for us to be in Your will, not our will.

Thank You for our new church home,


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