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Lately, something has been out of place. Something has been missing. I havent been able to put my finger on it but life just hasnt been right. Life at home has been great as usual. I could not have asked for a better partner in life than Steph. Still something just wasnt right inside of me.

Then, the comment was made to me about the numbers of Focus seeming to drop off and something wasnt right on Wed nights too. I asked others for input, I took to heart what was being said and looked for ways to fix the problem. Little did I know that the problem with Focus was the problem in my head as well. 


My worship had not just fallen off, it had almost stopped completely. I was so wrapped up in serving at Focus and at LMBC that it had become work, not worship. That was a problem. I had to find a way back to worship. A way to serve but also to be able to enjoy worship.

At the same time, the youth leaders and I were talking about ways to get back to worship on Wednesday nights. It too had slipped a bit. We had taken out game time and cut out one song. Now Clint, who does an incredible job bringing the message, was having to speak for 45 minutes or more. The kids were getting restless. Not that his messages were not what we needed to hear but even the attention span of a male adult is about 30 minutes tops.

Then God spoke. Funny though, He spoke through a YouTube video. While looking for music for a Focus service, I came across a video of one of my favorite artists, David Crowder. This video was for “Oh Praise Him” and it was a young guy walking down the street of New York. He gets so caught up in worship that he stops in the middle of the street, kneels down and just starts praising God. This is EXACTLY the worship that I believe to be true. When you are so caught up in worshiping God that you can be in the middle of the street, in the middle of a crowded room or auditorium, but  you are One on One with God and there isnt anything else around you, then you have made the connection to God through worship.

The  youth leaders and I, with inspiration from God and approval from the church leaders, began working on the One project. One night, One God, One Extreme Worship service to get the train back on the tracks. Little did we know God was already working on it.

Last night, we opened Focus with that video. From that moment on, true worship was present. The Focus praise band was unbelievable. Danny and Beth do such an amazing job with the kids. They opened with You Alone are God. Then we brought back Game Time which the kids loved. Then the band did a rendition of the hymn “I stand Amazed”. 

I was almost overcome. I saw kids raising their hands singing and praising God with everything they had. God was in the loft. Not that He isnt there every week but this week WE were asking and praying for Him to come. He came in a big and mighty way. 

Then Clint gave a message on time alone with God and we had a time of prayer. Kids were kneeling by their seats praying their hearts out. It was an unbelievable sight and it was more than I could take. I sat down on the steps to the booth and just thanked God for allowing me to be a part of a movement like this.

The night closed out with the band doing You Reign, another great job as usual.

The One project is still in planning but is on schedule. This weekend we are going with the kids to Student Life tour which can only add fuel to the fire that was started on Wednesday night. 

I cant wait to see where this ride will take us….

Dear God, thank You so much for making your presence known last night. You softened hearts. You reached kids and adults last night and still had time to reach down and catch me as well. Help me to never lose sight of worship. Help me to remember that salvation and eternal life are your gifts to me, worship is my gift back to  You.


ps: Oh and God, since I know You can now answer prayers through YouTube, I have to ask, are you using a PC or a Mac?


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