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Lately I have been challenged at work to once again set up mobile technicians. Techs would go out, do their work,  log in to our system using iPads, get the customer to sign the tablet and print out their receipt.  Sounds easy but technology isn’t quite there yet to make…



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This past Sunday, I went to Westridge for the first time in a long time. Steph had spent the night at her parents to be able to spend time with her sister so it gave me an opportunity to go hear really great praise and worship. The worship band was…




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Definition of EXALT….\ig-ˈzolt\…: to raise in rank, power, or character; to elevate by praise or in estimation. I’ll come back to this. Lately, life has been somewhat of a desert for me. I get up, get ready for work, drive an hour to work, drive an hour and a half…