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I read a lot of webpages and a lot of blogs from youth pastors, youth workers and leaders so that I can learn from their successes, their failures and their experiences. Today, one of the Youth Pastors that I follow, Brad Cooper, he Anderson Campus Student Pastor at NewSpring Church in Anderson, SC., posted on twitter that today was the Friday to ask him anything.

Well, I brought it with both barrels loaded and asked one of the difficult questions on my mind right now…

“How do you deal with giving your messages to a group of people that seem to not care, not be interested, pulling out their cell phones and totally missing God and what He is saying through you?”

I see this from time to time and more and more frequently now that we are getting closer to the end of the school year. It happens to all of the speakers in the main service and in the youth service. Not just when I have the opportunity to teach.

Brad gave a great response to my question that I am going to print out and put up as a reminder of who I am bringing the message for….

“Bcoop – THIS IS A GREAT QUESTION… it is one i’ve struggled through… Then God allowed me to understand something… IM NOT PREACHING FOR THEM… I’m Preaching for HIM… im compelled to SHARE THE GOSPEL based on how it has impacted me.

This helps me avoid preaching harder w/ engaged crowds… and then just going through the motions w/ crowds that arent engaged… Again, my calling to preach isnt based on the response of the audience… but on the regeneration of my heart by my Savior… (the old testament prophets… John the Baptist… Jesus… Paul…. & the rest of the Apostles are great Biblical examples of this)”

Thanks Brad. That is what I needed to hear.

You can check out Brad’s page at

Dear God;

Thank you for the youth pastors that you have brought into my life. Some of these I am building solid relationships with in order to learn as much as I can for the purpose that You have called me into. Small insights like Brad’s reply will stick with me forever and I will, (hopefully) not soon forget it during those times that I need a reminder of why I am doing youth ministry. It’s not for me, but it’s for Your glory. Help me to never lose sight of that.


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