The white flag is out….

“The white flag is out….only one more lap to go. This will be the final lap of the race.”

That phrase is heard almost every weekend from February until November. It means that time is running out in the race. You only have a very short time to go to make it. Its when everyone pulls out all of the stops and gives it everything they’ve got….to win. Whether its the Daytona 500, Indianapolis 500 or just at a local track in small town America, the phrase and the goal all mean the same.

For Christians, this weekend is the Daytona 500, the Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup and World Cup all rolled into one. It is the time that we celebrate the greatest moment since the beginning of time, Christ being crucified and conquering death for our sins. Pastors and churches every where have been planning, rehearsing, contemplating and coming up with anything they can do to spread the gospel to those people who are….CEO’s. Those people who come to church (C)hristmas and (E)aster (O)nly.

This could be their one shot at reaching that one person there because it seemed only right to go to church on Easter. That one person who is looking for something and doesn’t know what it is. That one person who needs to connect, not to just a church and a speaker, but needs to connect to Christ.

For some, this truly is their last lap. For some, there won’t be another Christmas or Easter to go to church. Some of those people, sitting there in church on Sunday because it only seems right, won’t be around at Christmas. We don’t know the plans that God has for us but we do know, we are not guaranteed our next breath.

No pressure….

For this reason, pastors and churches pull out all the stops to reach those who only come these times of the year.

I have been really blessed in my life to have gotten to know some really awesome pastors. Some have reached me more than others but each one, had a message or just a word of encouragement for me at one time or another, from God, to me. These pastors will be giving their all again this weekend trying to reach that one person who needs Christ.

For these pastors, who reached me when I needed to hear God’s voice, these pastors who have prayed for me when I needed it the most, and for the new pastors You are placing in my life to help me along the journey that You have us on, I am so incredibly thankful and pray God’s hand over them all this weekend.

Matt Brewer
Blake McKinney
Shan Smith
Dwayne Banks
Tommy Banks
Loren Aderholt
James Dendy
Dr. John Pennington
James Maddox
Shawn Lovejoy
Chad Ward
Louie Giglio
Voddie Baucham
Brian Bloye
Paul Richardson
Dave Cole
Tim Schmoyer
Doug Fields
Greg Stier
Brian Ford
Jeremy Lokey

Dear God;

Thank you so much for what this weekend means. This weekend we celebrate the journey up to Calvary where You love us and cared for us enough to die on the cross.  Be with that one person who needs You now more than ever as this could be their last chance to get to know You and what You did for us on that day centuries ago. Be with pastors, churches, choirs, praise teams, volunteers, greeters, and anyone that You place in the path of that one person needing You.

Thank You for Your blessings in my life…