Last night, I had the opportunity to teach the youth at Focus. We are in the middle of a study on book of Acts and I was going to teach on chapters 8 & 9. These are 2 really powerful chapters in a power packed book of the Bible. All week long, I knew God was pointing me in the direction He wanted me to take last night.
He took me in a personal direction that I don’t know if it hit a home run or stepped on too many toes other than my own.
Worship was great. Danny and Greg did an awesome job even after the sound system failed at setup. Normally when I teach, I take some time just before we start and go off on my own to go over my notes again and pray before we start. With the sound system failing, I didn’t get that chance. However, we didn’t let that stop us. We used what we could get to work and they nailed it.
I started the night asking “Do you ever think about Heaven? What is going to look like, what we are going to do, will there be cars to get you from one side of heaven to another, who is there, who we will meet and hang out with……..and who isn’t there?

You could have heard a pin drop.

I went over the great commission and then led into Acts using it as proof that God will take away our excuses for sharing the gospel. He will
1 – Use any situation
2 – Put people in our path that need to hear the gospel
3 – Use anyone He chooses to spread His word

Then I really hit home and asked, “Do you ever think about Hell? Is it real? Is it really a lake of fire and does God really send people there? Who do you know is on the path leading to eternity in hell?” What about those people in Africa and remote places? I used the joshua project and talked about unreached people groups.

This is where it got to be personal and tough.

I asked them to think about the people in their lives that they know aren’t saved. Not those people in Africa, but the people across the hall at school, across the room in class, the people across the lunch table at school…the people across the dinner table at home.

Again, very quiet in that room.

I read Matthew 24 talking about the end of time and showed them that wars, false prophets, earthquakes, they are all talked about occurring in the end of time and I showed them that in the past 30 days, there have been over 450 earthquakes in the world from a magnitude of 2.0 to 7.2.

Then I asked them the final question. “Are we serious about our faith and our Christian walk or are we hear to socialize and have a good time?” If they were serious, I challenged them to take out their cell phones, and send a 4 word text to that person that they know isn’t saved and is on the path to eternity in hell without Christ.


This would have that person wondering what they need to talk about and would open the door for our youth to share the gospel.

Time is running out for those that we love and care about that don’t know Christ. The end of time could come in the next 100 years or in the next second. Scripture says Christ will come like a thief in the night.

Are you ready? If you’re not….then we need to talk!

**NOTE – As I was posting this to my site, I received a phone call from one of the guys who worked with me a few years ago. He informed me that another tech who I worked with and had gotten to be good friends with, passed away this weekend while in Minnesota at a training class. I don’t know how he was in his relationship with God. We never talked about it. Here I was saying I was a Christian and knowing he had heart problems and never talked about Christ to him. Time may be shorter than we all realize for those we know, those we are close to and even those that we work with.

Dear God, help us. Help us to be more serious in our walk, in our faith, in our trust in You. Help us to realize your command to go to all nations, including our workplace, our neighborhood, our dinner table, and spread Your word. Give us boldness, courage, and power to do Your will. Put those in our path that need to know You. Draw in to You, those we love and care for, those we pray for, and those who we want to be in Heaven with.