• 2016
  • Grace…

    When we drive on any interstate in Atlanta, We all see the lottery signs and think……”what if…..” What if we had more money than we could spend? What if we had enough money? so that we didn’t have to work and didn’t have to worry. We wouldn’t have to have health insurance. We would have enough money to […]

  • 2015
  • Let God write the story…

    Yesterday was a huge day for me and Stephanie. Yesterday the boys had their first day of school. One started third grade while the other started second. For the past week leading up to this day, we have bought school clothes, new shoes, school supplies, lunch boxes, backpacks, etc. We have been encouraging the boys […]

  • 2015
  • A Different World…

    The world as I knew it nine weeks ago, has completely changed. Nine weeks ago the life that Stephanie and I were living was much simpler that it is today. After all, it was just the two of us. She was able to do what she wanted and I was able to do the same. […]

  • 2015
  • Details….

    This past weekend, Steph and I got to go back to “Bama” and spend the weekend with my mom. While I am there each time, I always make a list of what I can help her with and look around for things that need to be done. I needed to go through some of our stuff, […]

  • 2015
  • Objects in the mirror…

    Looking back, then pressing on…. 2014 came and went. It seems like only yesterday we were watching the ball drop at the end of 2013 and now another year has vanished. Each year it seems like the days, weeks and months continue to go by at a record pace. As I look back on 2014 […]