You make…..

This past Sunday, I went to Westridge for the first time in a long time. Steph had spent the night at her parents to be able to spend time with her sister so it gave me an opportunity to go hear really great praise and worship. The worship band was great as always. They only did 2 songs but the second song really hit home with me.

“There may be pain in the night, but joy comes in the morning…Your Love Never Fails” – Jesus Culture

You see, 2011 has been one of those years that at times has been exciting, while at other times heartbreaking and confusing. Other times it has really been “Ok God what are YOU DOING?”

Back to the first of the year…

It started with us leaving LMBC and God moving us to Poplar Springs Baptist Church.  We loved the pastor’s teaching there but would be unable to work with youth for 6 months.

God then moved and after being there only 3 months, God made me interim youth pastor there. I felt like I was where God moved us to, where He wanted us and I poured my heart and soul into ministry. A few weeks later, my time in ministry as interim at PSBC would be over as their next full time youth pastor came on board.  Shortly there after, the pastor resigned and we both knew that we could not go through another lengthy pastor search.

I didn’t know what God was up to but we began going to another church. I was out of ministry and had no clue what God was doing but He did. For many years, Step and I have prayed about children. We prayed for adoption or natural however God wanted to give us “the desires of our heart” but always praying His will over ours.

We began talking with the doctors at Emory and God provided a way for Steph and I to go through the IUI procedure in hopes that God would give us children. July 5th, my birthday, we went to Emory and did the procedure. Now began the longest 2 weeks of our lives.

July 19th 2011, 2 weeks to the day after the IUI we were able to take the first pregnancy test. We got up at 5 AM as normal and Steph went and took the test. She turned over the test so that we could see the results together. 1 minute passed, 2 minutes then 3 and 4 (just for good measure).

God answered our prayers!

2 pink lines. Steph looked down at the test, up at me, down at the test, and up at me with her glasses just full of tears. God had answered our prayers and for the first time in our lives, we were going to be parents.  God had provided all that we had asked for and now He was giving us a child of our own.

Back to present time…

My whole life had been for this point in my life. God had protected me when I wasn’t living for Him and had kept me from having kids when I wouldn’t have been a good Christian father. He moved me away from the life that I knew, to the amazing life that I have in Him with Stephanie and our child that will be here between the end of March to the first of April. He never once left me and was true to His Word when He said He would give us the desires of our hearts.

Your Love Never Fails….

Dear God,

There are no words that can tell you Thank You, enough for me. Your protection, your plan for our lives, it is all about this moment.  Thank you for Your Word to guide us, for Your blessings in life. Thank you for the child that You have blessed us with.

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