How I do, what I do…

In my life, I wear numerous hats, have numerous responsibilities, numerous hobbies and passions. First and foremost, I am a believer and child of God. Secondly, I am husband to Stephanie. Then I am a son to Frank and Jackie, brother to Chris and so on and so on. These relationships make up who I am, not what I do. What you do, will never be as important as who you are. I don’t ever want to be remembered as a good employee to a company that I work for as much as I want to be remembered more for what I gave back to those who are important to me and to those who I can pass on the gifts and abilities that God has given me. I believe that we all have a responsibility to pass on what we can to others. I have had a ministry mentor for years that has passed on more knowledge than I could have ever dreamed of receiving so I am paying it forward.

Because of this, in the next few weeks, months, or as I can, I am going to be putting up posts on basically: “How I do…what it is that I do!” Some of the first posts will be mostly PC related as I get the most requests for these. Others are going to cover everything from organization, to graphics, to web design, guitar, etc. Anything that I can think of that I have done in my 10+ years in ministry to my 25+ years in CAD design and IT.

Suggestions are welcome.

Dear God,

In my life, You have blessed me with so many talents and abilities. To go along with those, You have resourced me and provided the means for me to pursue those passions and desires. Continue to guide me and open doors to those that I can pass on what You have given me.