Ideas into eBooks…

As part of the ‘How I do, What I do” posts: Personal Documents to ebook format.

Steph has a talent for writing. She is writing an amazing Christian fiction series that is just simply amazing. Regardless of what her mom and dad think, I am so her biggest fan. They are a close second but that title I have earned. To be her biggest fan requires that I have to read her books. I actually GET to read her books before everyone else does.

News flash – I DO NOT LIKE TO READ!

You have to carry the books with you to read when you have a chance. Sometimes those chances are few and far between. To overcome this, and to make reading a lot more enjoyable to me, I use apps on my ipad. I always have either an ipad or my iphone with me so I can put her books in the Kindle app and always have them with me whenever a free chance to read comes up.


I have tried using pdf format on the document and then converting it and honestly, I have had zero success. It’s like the pdf format converts to a graphic and never resized correctly. Steph has always sent me the word format (.doc extension) and these have worked great with a little “tweaking”

Open the file in word and make sure there is a page break at the end of each chapter. This can be skipped if you don’t care about a table of contents but in a long story, you will want chapter breaks.


Next you need to convert this over to .html format prior to bringing in to your ebook software converter. Simply “save as” the open file and change the file type to be web page. Choose where you want to save the files and click save. (I normally save to the desktop because its easy to find)

Now you are ready convert your document in to an ebook format that can be read by most ebook readers.

The way I do this is using software called calibre that can be downloaded from The software is free and is quite easy to install. Once downloaded, just open the application and take the default settings. Very simple.

  1. Once installed, open calibre and click on the “add book” button in the upper left.
  2. Select the web page that you saved your document as. Make sure you select the web page version not the word version.
  3. Click ok
  4. A window will open that says adding.
  5. Once imported your book will be listed in your library
  6. Select your book from the listing and click on convert books in the top bar
  7. There are several things that you will want to do in the next window:
    1. Make sure the format in the upper left is on zip
    2. Make sure you fill out the book and author information on the right
    3. Make sure the format in the upper right is on EPUB
    4. If you want to add a cover to your book, you can do so in the center under change cover image. Remember to use a picture that you own the rights to if there is any chance of you trying to publish this.
    5. In the left column click on Page Setup and verify which device you are using. In my case, I select iPad
    6. In the same column select Structure Detection and make sure the Chapter Mark is set on pagebreak
    7. Click on Table of Contents (if you want a table of contents otherwise skip this step) and make sure Manually fine-tune the ToC after conversion is completed
    8. Click ok to begin conversion
  8. At this point, calibre is converting your html file into an epub format. In the lower right a spinning wheel will show next to Jobs: Once the conversion is finished, it will say Jobs 0 and the wheel will not be spinning.
  9. Once completed converting your table of content editor will come up. Click on Generate ToC from files
  10. Your table of contents will show. Check for missing chapters. To fix your missing chapters you can go back into your word file, add missing page breaks and start this process over or you can:
    1. Highlight the chapter that contains the missing chapter mark and click on New Entry below this entry.
    2. Select the point that you want to be the chapter mark and rename in the right column.
    3. Click ok
    4. Do this for all missing chapters.
  11. Click Ok
  12. I would right click on the book in the library and click view and just take a look to make sure that the format is what you want.
  13. EPUB formats will not work in the kindle app so if that is the e-reader you are going to use, we have to make one last conversion
  14. Highlight your book in the library
  15. Click on convert books again
  16. Make sure your Input format in upper left is on EPUB and Output format in the upper right is on MOBI
  17. Everything else should be ok.
  18. Click on Ok and the jobs conversion process will start once again.
  19. Once completed, the MOBI format will be listed in the formats section in the right column
  20. Right click on this and select save MOBI format to disk
  21. Select where you want to save this and click ok
  22. To get your MOBI formated ebook in to your kindle app, you will need to know the email address of your device. This can be found in your Amazon account settings.
  23. Email the file to that address

It’s a long process but well worth it. Especially reading books from important people in your life.

Hope this works for you!