Homework for life…

This past weekend we took our annual trip to Pigeon Forge with Steph’s family. She took her parents up on Wednesday and the boys and I came up later on Thursday so that they would not miss a lot of days at school.

It was an unexpected drive up. What I mean by that is that Joseph, who usually will talk your ears off before falling asleep, put on his headphones and played on his ipad for hours. Jason was asleep almost immediately but eventually woke up and got on his ipad with headphones as well.
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The Voice…

A few years ago, Steph and I got really hooked on the show, The Voice. People would come up, audition in front of 4 celebrity judges who, based entirely on what they heard, would make a decision to have them on their team or now. Their decisions on who they would choose to make a difference in their life, was based ENTIRELY on what they heard. Their lives could be completely changed forever, based entirely on their voice.

Some of the voices were amazing. Others not so much.

This past weekend, the message that we heard at Westridge, was all about the voices in our lives. It was really driven home by the main quote:

“Your life will be reflection of the voices you listen to and how you allow to them to impact you!” – Brian Bloye

It has been all that I have thought about since then. I have listened to the audio again of the message.

You see, I listen to a lot of voices. A lot of voices do nothing to build me up. I have the voices at work who tear me and other project managers down on a daily basis. I have never heard the term “write you up” spoken so much to a group of adult professionals for the most ridiculous things in my life. Nothing about the place where I work builds up anyone who works there.

I hear the voices of those are close to me who do build me up. Steph encourages me all the time and reminds me of how blessed we are to have had our prayers answered beyond what we could ever expect. My parents and Steph’s parents make me feel like I can do or fix anything.

But the loudest voice that I hear so often is the voice in my head that sounds a lot like me, that says “You can’t”

You don’t have a degree so you can’t do ___________….

You’re divorced so being a pastor is out of the question…

You need to be doing ___________ instead of a quiet time…

You don’t have time to _______________…

You need to work more…You need to do more…This won’t get done unless you do it…

Garbage. That’s what I think of those words that I have just written as I see them on the screen above. Those aren’t truth. Those words are just lies that I hear that pressure me to do more of the things that do not matter and less of the things that will make an eternal lasting impression.

If not having a degree is holding me back, truth is I need to work on getting that degree…

If I truly want to be in leadership in ministry, (I NEVER thought I would say this but I REALLY DO want this) then I need to do everything that I can to work toward this and stop letting my past mistakes stop me.

If I think I need to be doing something else, other than spending time with the One who holds every second of every day of my life in the palm of His hand, then I need to think again. Nothing is more important than time spent with God.

If I think I don’t have time to do something, something of eternal lasting value to make a difference in the life of another, then I need to re-evaluate where I spend my time….how much television do I watch…how much time do I spend napping on the couch at the end of a day….how much time do I spend doing things that really just are a complete waste of time.

I also need to be aware. I need to be aware of what voice I am being in the mind of someone else. What do my words say about me and the life that I live? Do I build others up or tear them down like I let the voices in my head do?

In the next few weeks, I am going to evaluate my life. I am going to try to figure out where I feel God is leading me, how and what I need to do to, to get there, and what my life is reflecting to others. In a sense, I am going to prune my life, before God does it for me….

While I am doing this, I am going to take the message from this past Sunday to heart and preach the gospel of truth to myself, daily…

You are accepted by God

• You are loved by God – John 3:16

• You are worth dying for – Romans 5:8

• You are his child – John 1:12

• You have been bought with a price – I Cor. 6:17

• You are a member of the body of Christ – 1 Cor. 12:27

• You have been adopted as God’s child – Ephesians 5:1

• You have been forgiven – Colossians 1:14

• You are complete in Christ – He’s more than enough – Colossians 2:10

You are secure in Christ

• You are free from God’s wrath – Romans 8:1-2

• You cannot be separated from God’s love – Romans 8:35-39

• You can be confident that God is done finished working in your life – Philippians 1:6

• You are already a citizen of Heaven – Philippians 3:20

• You have not been given a spirit of fear – 2 Timothy 1:7

• You can always find grace and mercy when you need it most – Hebrews 4:16

• You belong to God; Satan cannot have you or touch you – 1 John 5:18

You are significant in God’s eyes

• You are the salt and light of the earth – Matthew 5:13-14

• You are a branch of the true vine – John 15:5

• You have been chosen and anointed by God to bear fruit – John 15:16

• You have been commissioned to be a personal witness for Jesus – Acts 1:8

• You are a temple of the Holy Spirit – I Corinthians 3:16

• You God’s workmanship – Ephesians 2:10

• You can approach God with freedom and confidence – Ephesians 3:12

• You can do all things through Christ who gives you strength – Philippians 4:13

Thank You God, for the truths that You have for me in my life through Your word.