Open doors

Since the day that I sat down with Steph and told her of the call that I felt that God had put on my life, doors have opened, and doors have closed.

The church we were first serving at when we talked with Pastor Blake was incredible. The youth there were passionate about Christ and wanting to go after Him with everything that they had. Stephanie took a few youth and developed a drama ministry that is still talked about today. The opportunities for me to begin speaking to and teaching youth became more and more frequent. We were able to be positive influences in the lives of those youth that we are still connected with even though many are about to graduate college.

That door, that chapter of our lives, closed. God began stirring in the hearts of me and Stephanie that our time at Lost Mountain was over. We felt that we had accomplished everything that He wanted us to accomplish there and that He needed us elsewhere.

Since then God has used us in various roles opening and closing doors before planting us in our current postion as youth pastors at Sewell Mill. The whole time that He was preparing us for this time, God was also resourcing us and connecting us to other pastors and people in ministry. I have been connected to a ministry mentor for over 4 years. I am connected to hundreds of youth pastors, senior pastors and ministry leaders through social media. These connections have provided me with numerous resources from which books to read, software, ministry apps, and more importantly, new ministry partners that I connect with.

Recently, I have connected with a new ministry leader, Brent Lacy. Brent is the author of the recently released book Rural Youth Ministry: Thrive Where You’re Planted and he helps other ministry leaders through his web ministry MinistryPlace.Net Brent is currently the Student Ministry Pastor at First Baptist Rockville, Indiana.

I am honored and blessed that Brent has asked me to be a part of his web ministry helping other rural ministry leaders. In my time as a leader in youth ministry, God has blessed me and resourced me more than I would have ever dreamed. Now through, I am able to take what many leaders have taught and shared with me and now I am able to pass this on to other ministry leaders.

Dear God,
Thank you for Your provisions, Your resources, and the connections that You have given me. Help me to take what I have learned to plant seeds in ministry for Your Glory and Your Kingdom. Help me to be to someone else, what so many have been to me, a friend in Your plan.