Life Happens…

I never thought that life would change as much as it has in the past 6 months. Sure I knew that some change would happen since the boys moved in but what I expected wasn’t even close to reality Throw a new job with a longer drive to work on top of becoming a parent for the first time and you have a small glimpse of the changes that both Stephanie and I are learning to deal with.

I had a lot of plans for things that I wanted to do this year. Plans to go to the gym more, plans to eat better and eat less during a drive to work. There were even great plans to blog more, get involved in ministry more, plans to go on a real vacation, yada yada yada. We have even started remodeling our kitchen (we are actually almost done with this one).

My day now starts about 4:30 when I get up and get ready. I get the boys up at 5 to have them ready when I leave for work at 5:30 to drive an hour to get to work at 6:30. I work all day with a 30 minute lunch at a job that is high pressure high stress. I leave around 5 to get home at 6:30. We eat, do the normal housework, boys are in bed at 8. Then I have about an hour and a half with Steph before I go to bed and repeat the process.

Welcome to parenthood right?

Between the drive, the job and helping out with the day to day things around the house, I have felt overwhelmed like never before.

(Dramatic pause for the whiner here)

 I have also started following the story of Joey and Rory Feek. A husband and wife country music duo. They aren’t as popular as other husband and wife duo’s but a lot of people know their story.

Joey is dying.

SHE was diagnosed with cancer and has realized that she doesn’t want to go out in the condition that she would if she continued the cancer treatment. Even if she did continue the treatments it would not buy her a lot of time. Her husband Rory has blogged (this their day to day events, good and bad, with what she is going through and the life they are living with their daughter Indiana. The faith that both of them are demonstrating is amazing and I know it is touching lives through their blog and videos.

Yesterday, as we were heading for a weekend in Nashville and as we always do on road trips, we at dinner at Cracker Barrell. When I walked in the door, I saw the new CD that Joey and Roy have just release and knew that I was leaving with one. The woman at the register told me when I was leaving that I was lucky to find one as they are gone as soon as they are put out. People are buying them up as fast as they are put out. Just more evidence that people know their story.

Joey is dying, but yet recorded an album of their favorite hymns. Some songs were even recorded in hotel rooms. As difficult as her life is, she still has the strength to record such amazing hymns as “It is well”, “All to Jesus I surrender” and “How Great thou Art”. To have the strength to even speak the words “It is well” demonstrates just how strong their faith is when for most of us it would not be if we were living in her shoes.

And I complain about the new job…..

I’m not dying of cancer, but so many people that are close to me, are. I have a job, when so many others do not. I have an amazing family that I talk to every day, when others have parents that they haven’t seen or even talked to in years.

(Dramatic pause for the one who takes life for granted)

I know that we all take life, and God’s blessings for granted. Right now I feel more blessed than I deserve. We have just completed the process for adopting the boys.

Life happens

The plans that I had for this year I haven’t been able to do any of them

Life happens

We have come through the valley and are standing on the mountaintop.

Life happens

I can’t remember a time in my life when it seems like Steph and I had every night quiet and to ourselves.

Life happens

Our house now is filled with homework, more clothes to wash, pop tarts to make, chocolate milk to buy.

Life happens

Our house is now filled with the laughter of 2 boys, hot wheels cars, light sabers and kids movies

Thank you God for Your plan of life happens!

Dear God,

Our lives have seemingly changed so much since last May.
The truth is that nothing has changed. You knew this would happen long before Steph and I, Joseph or Jason were ever born. These 2 boys were ours when You made the stars. You knew what we would need to make it as parents and have brought us each step of the way to get us here. Thank You for being there when life happens.