Homework for life…

This past weekend we took our annual trip to Pigeon Forge with Steph’s family. She took her parents up on Wednesday and the boys and I came up later on Thursday so that they would not miss a lot of days at school.

It was an unexpected drive up. What I mean by that is that Joseph, who usually will talk your ears off before falling asleep, put on his headphones and played on his ipad for hours. Jason was asleep almost immediately but eventually woke up and got on his ipad with headphones as well.
The trip, as always, was great. Steph and I got to have a date night at our new favorite place, Harpoon Harry’s. The weather started cooling off and we got to see our nieces that we haven’t seen in a while.

The bad part of any vacation is coming home. You have to pack your bags, then pack all of that into your car and begin the dreadful drive home knowing that tomorrow would bring a return to work and return to your daily routine.

Jason asked if he could ride in the van with Steph and her parents while Joseph on the other hand, asked if he could ride with me. I was more than shocked but glad to have the company especially knowing that the ride up was so easy.

After breakfast and a lot of goodbyes to the girls, we set off heading for home. Joseph this time, did not put on his headphones but instead chose to turn the volume down. We talked for a while but eventually the sounds and sites of his ipad took his attention away from dad.

Or so I thought.

While driving, I began listening to a podcast that¬† I’ve been listening to a lot lately, (Speak Up Storytelling) Matthew Dicks has a concept called “Homework for Life” where you basically take a moment each night to write down what made that day special. While we were driving home, I was listening to him talk about this while Joseph played on his tablet.

Joseph then asks me what Homework for Life is and I explained it to him in the simplest of terms. Tonight, write down what made today special. Tomorrow do the same. He looked up, thought about it for a second, put his head down and his attention back to what ever it was playing on his table.

A little while later, still listening to the podcast, Matt explains what Homework for life is again. Joseph looks up at me and asks what my memory¬† from today would be. I told it it would be our time on vacation in the mountains. Joseph, without batting an eye, turns his attention back to his tablet, and says…

“Mine would be that I got to ride home with my dad…..”

And that is my homework for life, October 14, 2018. What a great way to finish a vacation.