Two Peas….One Pod…

This past weekend, we took our annual trip to the mountains in Pigeon Forge. This trip that we take each year, never gets old. There is so much to do there you really don’t get much R&R on your vacation. This year we went a week later than normal and what a difference a week makes. The trees were in full Fall color, the mountains were amazing and we got to see more rocks than usual due to the lack of rain in the area.

This trip each year reminds me of what God can do:

1 – He is a Master Artist – Only a great master could paint each tree, each leaf and place them exactly where they need to be to make them look amazing. Only a Master Artist could make the sun rise and paint the sky the way that He does each morning….

2 – He is the Great Provider – Only God could put a family, the Olivers, in the middle of nowhere, provide for them through the Cherokee Indians until their farm was up and running and preserve their homestead for almost 200 years so that we can enjoy it and learn from them today…

3 – He is the Ultimate Decorator – All of those rocks, all of that water, those winding curves, all in one place for us to enjoy

4 – He is the Great Protector – Throughout the years, the settlers had to face hardships that we don’t see today: raising and storing food for the winter, protection from the elements, from wild animals

This year, I saw another side of God that I have not seen before. He is also the Master Planner. This was the second year that we were able to take the boys but the first year that we were able to really show them the mountains. Last year we were still learning to be their parents and how to take care of them. This year, we as a family got to see and do things as a family more so than last year. Steph is around the boys all day while homeschooling them so I don’t ¬†get to spend as much time with them as she does.

Through all that we went through to grow our family, we could not have gotten 2 more perfectly matched kids. I love both of our boys and could not imagine loving them any more if we shared the same DNA. I love going home to be with Steph and the boys like never before but I saw first hand how well God planned Joseph and Jason for us.

20161020_123547They both have likes and dislikes similar to me and Steph but this past week, I REALLY saw first hand how much alike Joseph and I are. Both of us are accident magnets. Both of us like technology. He learned¬†how to operate the blue ray, dvd, xbox all on his own. He has my old computer in his classroom and flies through the games and websites that he can look at. He took hundreds of pictures on his tablet (he forgets to charge it like I do) and he went up to so many complete strangers that had college football shirts on and told them “Roll Tide!”

Jason and I both share a lot of likes and dislikes but nothing like Joseph and I do. How does something like that happen? I look at them each day and thank God with everything that I have that He brought them to us. He had them picked out for us before they were born. He knew then the hardships and struggles that they would face and that He would give us the strength and wisdom to help them overcome their struggles. Regardless of how hard Steph and I tried to force God’s hand to give us kids the way that WE wanted it, HE had a different plan. He had a better plan.

He knew the right kids to fit in with our family, the sons that Steph and I would have to raise into Godly men. He knew the son that would be so much like me its like we were made from the same mold, or as Steph said countless times this past weekend….

2 peas….1 pod

And I’m ok with that!

Dear God

I am so amazed by the life You have given me. You gave me an amazing wife and now You have given Steph and I an amazing family with the 2 boys that are perfect for us. I can’t remember life before them and now could not imagine my life without them. They are respectful and polite to others and will drive you crazy in the blink of an eye. They are an incredible blessing, one that I am so not worthy of. You made it happen.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” – Romans 8:28