License and registration please…

As soon as I rounded the corner, I knew I was busted. When I saw him pull out and pull in right behind me, I knew it was only a few seconds and then….blue lights.

I was being pulled over.

I pulled the truck over to the side of the road and the officer pulled in right behind me. For what seemed like an eternity, he sat in his patrol car obviously running my tag to make sure this would be safe.

A lot of things went through my mind. What exactly did I do? What if there is a computer error and I am arrested? What if someone I know and knows my truck drives by? I immediately sent Steph a text and told her just in case.

The officer stepped out of his car and walked up to my truck. I already had the window down and my license out. “Can I see your license please…”  I handed the officer my license and he read over it. “Mr. White, I noticed that you had your seat belt tucked in behind you, or dd you not have it on?” Truth is I didn’t have it on. I had leaned over to pick up my phone and forgot to put it back on. Truth is normally, I don’t wear it in the truck because its not comfortable but this day, I did have it on earlier, but right now that didn’t matter.

The officer took my license and stepped back to his patrol car.

Even more ideas went through my mind. I have 2 boys right now that I make sure they are buckled before Steph’s car moves but now, I was in trouble for not wearing my seat belt. That doesn’t really set a good example for 2 growing boys. It’s like I wear it in the car, but not in the truck. I make them wear it in the truck and they have busted me many times, but now I have to tell the boys who we are teaching to obey rules, that I have broken one myself. It’s like I have one set of rules to live by in the truck and one to live by in the car.

How many of us, myself included, sometimes live by 2 sets of rules. We have one set for when we are at church or at home,  and one set when we are at work or out with our friends? We have our church rules to live by and the rules the world wants us to live by. Working in the construction field, it is easy to slip up, especially when it comes what we say and do.

After what seemed to be forever, the officer came back up to the truck clipboard in hand. “Mr. White, I’m issuing you this citation for not wearing your seatbelt…..” He was polite, professional, and nothing like what police officers have been said to be like, in the previous years.

I took the clipboard, and signed acknowledging my wrong and handed it back to him. Being given a ticket is not something I am proud of but it has made me aware of the need for wearing my ticket. It has also made me aware of the 2 sets of rules.

As I handed the clipboard back and the officer handed me my ticket, I actually thanked him. I said “Officer, I was in the wrong. I do not deny it and have no ill will toward you. You are doing your job and by you doing your job, you have made me aware of me needing to wear my seat belt. You may have saved my life later on, thank you.”

He in turned thanked me and told me that he rarely gets hospitality and a thank you for giving someone a ticket.

I pulled out and headed home ticket in hand, and seat belt in place