My Story…

It amazes me every time that I go to some of my older posts on this blog, this journal of my life, and I can go back to some of the very first posts that I made over a decade ago. Through various links I can go back to the day, sitting in that corner office with my coworkers and making the first few posts. I can remember thinking “Why would anyone ever want to read this?”

The truth is something that I couldn’t see then but it so very clear to me now. This blog that I thought no one would ever read, has been mainly for me. Sure I promote it on Twitter and Facebook and while other people do read it and send me great comments about it, my journal has become mainly for me to remember what I’ve been through and how God has brought me through so many storms in my life. It reminds me of what I have overcome and helps me know that I can overcome anything with God beside me. It tells the stories of some of those in my life who have gone on to be with Christ.

Since the very first post, the site has been tagged as “Meaningless Rambling from…..” where ever I was in life at that time.  Although some of the earlier posts really are really simple ramblings, they are a part of my story. They are what I was doing at that time. There are posts from where I was not where I wanted to be in life and when I was not close to Christ at all. Good or bad, they are a part of my story.

As my life at home has changed with the addition of the foster kids we have living with us now, I want to make that a part of my story as well. The amazing life that Stephanie and I had a couple of weeks ago is becoming more and more different as we adjust to life as parents. Years from now, I don’t want to forget what we went through to get to that point. I want to remember those high-fives and Roll Tides that I share with the guys multiple times each day. I want to remember the prayers that we share each night before they go to sleep.

So I’ve made some changes to this part of my life. No longer will I treat the events of my life as meaningless ramblings, but more a part of my story.

Welcome to My Story…

Dear God,

You wrote my story from the beginning before I was even made. You know my once upon a time and my happily forever after. You wrote my story. I am just trying to follow Your plan for my life. That plan that seems to be changing all the time, will follow the path that You laid out so long ago. Thank You for the story of my life, and all that is in it.