Objects in the mirror…

Looking back, then pressing on….

2014 came and went. It seems like only yesterday we were watching the ball drop at the end of 2013 and now another year has vanished. Each year it seems like the days, weeks and months continue to go by at a record pace.

As I look back on 2014 and the events that took place, I am glad to say that 2014 was a huge improvement over 2013. Last year was another year of continued healing and moving on without my dad. Sure I still miss him every day and that hole in my life where my dad was will never be repaired. However, the moments in time where I find myself thinking back and the tears start to fall, are becoming times of laughter and smiles. The strength my mom continues to show, only helps grow my own strength.

The past year was also a year of new opportunities. Stephanie and I had started going to a new church and officially joined sometime around February. We didn’t wait until we were members to plug in. Steph began working with the children’s department and I got out of my box and began playing in the worship band. Later in the year, God would open a HUGE door for us and gave me the opportunity and blessing to become the Associate Pastor at Gracepointe.

This really caught us off guard as we thought God was leading us to sell our home, and move closer to our families. Funny how God’s plans are often so different than our own, but we took the house off of the market and we are serving where we are planted.

Steph found a new opportunity toward the end of the year and has taken the position of Administrative Assistant to the Senior Pastor at a church in Douglasville. This brings on a whole new box of opportunities as it is yet another church that we are connected to. I have actually connected with several people there, including the pastor, that I know will be beneficial connections for us in the future where ever God leads us.

As fall began, another opportunity was opened to us. We began talking about and looking in to the adoption process again. This time however, we found a different route that seems to have put us closer than ever to growing our family. We have actually been to an event where we were able to meet several kids that are in need of permanent families. We still have a long way and a lot of paperwork to go, but the door for us to have a third member of our family is wide open right now.

Pressing on, the opportunities that were presented to us last year will affect us greatly in the new year. We have training for the adoption process for the next couple of weeks. Then it’s just paperwork and waiting on God to bring the child that He has for us through our doors.

Our ministry opportunities continue to come at Gracepointe (I already have PREACHING opportunities in January and in April) but the knowledge and connections that we are making will help us in what ever ministry capacity God has in store for us in the years to come.

So even though I say every year that the new year is going to be “our year” for the first time in a long while, the new year has never looked as bright.

Dear God,
You have blessed me once again with another year of life. You have given me another year with friends and family and You have used me more and more in ministry possibly than ever before. You are presenting opportunities for Steph and I in the new year that are answers to prayers that we have been saying for a long time. I pray that I never take those opportunities that You give me, for granted. Thank You!