So worth it…

I have been helping out at Gracepointe with Vacation Bible School. Our Children’s Director Wendy, put together such an amazing program based on the show “Duck Dynasty.” She even got me and Stephanie to wear camo. Not an easy task. Not the only difficult task that I’m sure she had to face all week, but she and all the leaders did a great job. The end result, after Pastor Lee shared the Salvation plan on the last day, 8 kids gave their lives to Christ. This made the whole week worth every second.

Even though I only played a small part in the “Redneck Rodeo” as one of the adult leaders there, I gained so much out of this week that I would have never imaged. The feeling to have a kid grab your hand and want to stand beside you during a game of duck duck goose is one I will never forget. And it happened more than once. To see the look on a kids face when they give you a high five is a close second.
Being the Tide fan that I am, I still got the chance to talk a little smack with the kids wearing Georgia, or Tennessee. Once they realized I was a bama fan, they gave it back to me. I heard War Eagle many times throughout the week from kids I knew had no clue, but they loved picking on me.  They loved beating me at the rec games. Steph will tell you I am VERY competitive and do not like losing, but having a preschooler chase you down is a loss I will take every day.
That is just what happened with the kids…..
I also got to bond with the other leaders there. People that I have seen but not really interacted with yet. Youth that I have met but not made the connection with until this week. This week, this purpose did so much more for me. It helped me connect to the amazing people at Gracepointe Church. I got to see so many people serving and showing the love of Christ to kids. I got to see grown ups act like kids again and put themselves out there just to see a kid laugh.
As tired as we all are, I’m sure if you asked any leader that was there, we would do it all again because seeing those kids come to Christ made it SO WORTH IT!
Dear God,
I can’t begin to thank you for all that You did through VBS this week. Not just in the lives of the kids, but in the hearts and minds of the leaders as well. You connected people to kids and people to other people. You worked through each of us and planted seeds throughout the group of kids and then we got to see the fruit of what You have done. Seeing so many hands when you don’t know how many to expect was incredible. Work in the lives of those kids. Put people in their path that can help them grown into strong Christian men and women. Do this in their lives, like You have done so many times in my life since that day at VBS when I was one raising my hand and walking forward!