God had other plans…

I am a very detailed person. I have to know the plan from beginning to end, left to right, point A to point B. It’s just the way that I am wired. I don’t do well with the uncertainty of chaos and disorganization. So I used to do lists, online notebooks, calendars, etc. just to keep things going as planned. With the number of projects that I have at work, this is pretty much a have to, not a need to. There are vendors to contact, equipment to order, designs to finish, etc. Throw in computer problems and a long list of things my boss needs me to do and it’s enough to drive you batty.

I have to plan out and detail everything that has to get done.

This has spilled over in to my personal life also. I know what needs to happen each week and when I have to get it done by. Each week, the yard needs mowing. Each week, checkbook and bills have to be done. Cars need to be washed. Laundry needs to be done. It never ends so I always have a plan for getting things done.

Since Dad passed away, Steph and I had a plan for that as well. We knew that we needed to move closer to mom to help take care of her. We knew that it’s a long drive for her to come here. We knew that we could move midway from her parents to mom and make it work without too much trouble. WE planned to sell our house. WE planned to move closer. WE planned to build our own house. WE planned for Steph to find a job in our new area. WE felt like this is what WE needed to do and what WE felt like God wanted us to plan for.

I’ve heard it said many times, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans!”

So WE put our plans in motion. WE minimized our stuff and had a yard sale. You never realize how much stuff that you have until you start boxing up what you want to keep and putting everything else in a pile for your neighbors to come through and take stuff off of your hands. WE did a lot of repairs around the house and cleaned up what we had been putting off for a while. The house looked great. The yard sale was a success. WE were on OUR WAY!

WE put the house up for sale and waited on a buyer. The whole time we are moving things and putting in storage in the basement at mom and dad’s.

And WE waited….

And WE waited….

The house was shown 1 time in the first 70 days with our first realtor. Not one single offer. Around this time, Steph was laid off. She had done the right thing and told her boss that she would be moving soon but the workplace for her because impossible. So now our plans would change even more as we would have to make financial changes to compensate for the reduced income. We would be ok

The house didn’t sell…

Steph had not found a job in our area and couldnt look in the new area until we moved….

WE decided to take the home off the market during the holidays and WE relisted it in April following even more repair work and painting.

And WE waited….

And WE waited….

God had other plans…

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. – Jeremiah 29:11

Around this time, we started going to Gracepointe Church. It’s an amazing church with the most loving and caring people ever. I plugged in with the worship team and I play guitar there every Sunday. Steph is plugging in with the Children’s department and is co director for VBS.

Even while we are plugging in at Gracepointe, the idea of moving is still in OUR minds. Once WE sell the house WE will find a new church…

God had other plans….

A few weeks ago, I met with our pastor to talk about ministry and where we fit in at Gracepointe. I told him that for a long time I have felt a call for church planting and that I want to learn how to do that from him since he had started Gracepointe as a church plant. He wanted us to consider taking over the youth program there.

God had other plans….

This past Sunday, after Stephanie and I had met with our pastor again, Stephanie and I walked through the door that God has opened for us. Lee several days before had asked us to pray about me accepting the position at Gracepointe as Associate Pastor and Sunday, I accepted. God had other plans for us and we couldn’t see them. WE were so focused on trying to do what we felt that we needed to do to move closer and take care of mom, that we were about to move out of His will for our lives and miss an amazing opportunity and an incredible blessing from God. We aren’t real sure about what this role is going to look like but I know that had we pushed to sell the house, we would be out of His will.

but…..God had other plans!

Dear God,

In my stubborn ways, I push ahead to get things done. I push and push to do what I feel is right when all along, I am going in the direction opposite to Your plans for our lives. Help me to see the forest even through all of those trees in the way. Help me to seek Your plans for our lives, and not my own regardless of how noble and right they may seem. Thank you for the plans and the call that You have placed on my life and on Stephanie’s. Help us to never lose sight of Your plan.