In God We Trust….

In the company that I work for, there are a lot of promises made to customers. We tell them “I’ll get someone on the way…”  or “Once we have the parts that we need, we will be there…”  We make……commitments. As hard as we try, not all of the commitments to all of the customers can be kept. There are only so many hours in the day, so many technicians to do the work, so many resources to fix what is broken. When we are unable to keep a commitment, we try to explain why we can’t keep our commitments.

This week, I have thought a lot about the word commitments and what that means to me exactly.

What commitments have I made and kept?

What commitments have I made and been unable to keep?

What commitments have been made to me and kept or not kept?

One simple commitment that came up in conversation with a coworker this week is the simple decal that some of us in Georgia put on our license plate. We put the small sticker “IN GOD WE TRUST” on the license plates of our cars for all to see. The question becomes, if you put that on your car, do you really trust in Him or is it just for looks? Are we committed to walking with Christ and living for Him or do we just want to look like a Christian?

I have one of the decals on my truck. I even have a window decal for Gracepointe, (the church that I am a member of) I also drive in Atlanta where the traffic usually one the way home is awful to say the least. People forget how to drive especially in bad weather. Just yesterday alone, I saw where a Georgia State Trooper hit another car in the rear. I have seen more road rage and had more road rage than I would ever admit to. Each time, I have to remember that when I put that decal or window sticker on my truck, I am committing to taking the higher road and being Christ like, even when the car in front cuts me off. I am committing to thinking of the other person before myself.

What about when I am not in my truck? What holds me accountable? What is the decal on my life that says, “IN GOD WE TRUST”

I believe that it is in the choices that we make. The choices and their results are the decals of our lives. The choices in who we are friends with, where we like to go, what we like to do, say so much about us to others. If people constantly see me coming out of a bar, chances are I’m not going to be thought of as a Christian but more likely a drunk. If I am seen coming out of a casino week after week, I’m a gambler. If I hang out with people who are always having parties or going to parties……you get the picture, but it’s more than just appearances. People need to see that I have Christ in my life not just a decal on my truck. People will see what they want and have their opinions of who I am, but people need to see us  for who we are, inside and out, and not what the world makes us out to be.

Our choices can also affect our walk with Christ. If we choose to let simple things bother us, our choices can damage our walk. It can steal our passion. Even in church, frustrations and emotions can cause our lives to look a lot less Christ like.  As I told a friend of mine this week, I have to be careful about letting satan get a toe hold in the door. If he gets just a crack in the door, he can kick it open and cause havoc in my life. I can’t let the frustrations of what someone else does or does not do, affect who I am. I need to turn the other cheek and walk away more realizing that regardless of the situation, God is still God and He has got this as all part of His plan, not Keith’s.

I need to be more committed to God’s plan, not my own.

After all, “IN GOD WE TRUST”

Dear God,

As I drive to and from work, I notice the cars with decals on their cars. These decals tell a lot about a person but so does the way that they drive. Help me and keep me safe in my travels, but more importantly help me live a life worthy of the life You have given me. Help me live a life that shows that I have You in it and that it is not just a decal for show.