As my family adjusts to life without my dad, every where that I look in their house and in my life, there is evidence, or “fingerprints” of him there. The basement at mom and dad’s is full of his stuff. The garage has his “tools and toys” in every direction. Upstairs the evidence of the same. His chair is in the living room where he watched westerns and NASCAR on the weekend. The pool that he worked on almost all the time during the summer is still there. His dog Scooby, knows that something is wrong. My dad’s ┬ápresence is all around and will always be.

There is also evidence, or “fingerprints” that God is all around us also. Even during the week my dad passed away, God was there. So many people were praying for us. So many people were allowing God to use them to minister to us. Some people I had never met told stories of how my dad had helped them. Now, they were helping us.

As I stood outside one morning, I looked around and just verbally asked God, “how are we going to take care of mom and cut all this grass?” Almost immediately, friends of my brother pulled in to the yard with lawn mowers. Scott, the neighbor behind my parents, came up to me and said “don’t worry about the grass, we’ve got this.” The next thing that I knew, there were lawn mowers in every direction. Grass was flying like mad. How does that happen? God answered a prayer, WITHIN SECONDS!”

I never understood why God pulled us out of youth ministry until after we were back in Alabama. If God had not removed us when He did, we would have been in Memphis with Thrive Youth at camp, almost 6 hours away instead of 2. We wouldn’t have been able to lead that amazing group of youth for a while. God knew exactly what we would need to do and He removed those obstacles preparing us for what was coming. These are the fingerprints that God left while putting His plans in to motion.

He is taking care of us. He is loving on us and bringing people in our path to help us. Sure its not the same as my dad taking care of us, but it’s helping us move forward. As I have told people, it won’t ever be the same without dad but with each day, it is getting easier to make it through the day. Sure we still have our good days and our bad days, but through the strength that only God can give us, we will carry on.

Sure fingerprints of my dad will always be there and I’m ok with that ecause the fingerprints of God will always be there as well.

Dear God,

I can’t imagine how those without you in their lives make it through times like these. The grief that we have for our loss is sometimes overwhelming and almost too much to bear. Then You remind me that dad is with you….and with his parents….and with his brothers and sisters who have gone on before…..and with the 2 children that Stephanie and I lost, before we ever knew them. “Pawpaw” is taking care of his grandkids there too. So our grief, how seemingly so great, is so small in the joy knowing who dad is with now. Thank you for the comfort that brings.