2 Things…

This past week was one of if not the most difficult week of my life. I said goodbye to my dad as God called him home. He didn’t go too soon, he went just as God had planned. Sure I could sit here and be sad and tell you how much I will miss my dad but I am so blessed to have had him as my dad for almost 44 years and it’s time to move ahead.

Life with my family will be different in the days, weeks and years ahead but that’s how life is. We don’t need to dwell on who is gone, but be thankful and remember those who have gone, ahead. Every time I see a picture of my dad, or one of his tools at my mom’s house, sure I will probably lose it all over again but that is me being sad for me, not for him. I have a tremendous peace about where dad is right now. I have prayed for this peace for DECADES and this week, I got it. I got the peace about his salvation, THEN I got the confirmation. My dad is with Christ right now.

God has surrounded my family like I have never seen. He has answered so many prayers for strength and blessed us in so many ways with stories that we haver never heard of until now, of how dad touched the lives and helped others.

God told me the day that I heard the news that I would speak at the funeral. I had no clue what I would say and I surely had no clue that my brother would also speak and do a tremendous job. (There could be another youth minister in the making) God gave us the words. It was by far the largest group of people, friends and family that I have ever spoken in front of but God gave us strength.

I spoke of 2 things that I had learned through this.

Cherish your time together……..take lots of pictures.

As I did the video for the service, the pictures flooded me with great memories of time together. No one can take those from me as they will be in my heart and mind, forever.

Dear God,

Thank you for 44 years with my dad. Thank You for the perfect dad that he was. Thank You for what You taught me, through him. Thank You for the peace that I have knowing that one day, I will see him again.