The plan

Today was a great day in our ministry. The past few weeks have been unbelievably bad, but today was a great day. You see, a few weeks ago, right after we found out we were pregnant once again, and a few weeks after Steph and I were named the youth pastor at Sewell Mill, we found out for the second time, that we had a failed pregnancy.

Around the same time, the transmission in Steph’s Jeep went out. A few days after that, the transmission in my truck went out. 2 huge financial bombs dropped on us at once so to say the past few weeks have not been good is an understatement. The close that we got to today, the more that I prepared for this, the harder Satan hit us. Life has not been easy for Steph in the past few days but she has been my rock. She has helped me see the forest when I couldn’t for the trees in the way.

Today however, things turned around. Today, I had the incredible opportunity to preach for the first time ever. Preach. Yes, I said preach. Our pastor had asked me a few weeks ago to start putting together a message and today, I had the chance to allow God to work through me and give the message that He had been preparing me to give for weeks.

That message was on His plan for our lives. The plan that often we don’t understand and the plan that  most people refuse to accept. I was able to share the events of my life, the passions and talents that God has given me and I got to talk about the amazing faith of my incredible wife through the recent events and loss that we have been through.

I take absolutely no credit for today. God gave me this opportunity. He worked it out where Steph taught the youth a great message while I finished preparing for today. He worked it out so that my mom and dad, along with Steph’s entire family, could be there to support me. He also gave me a great surprise when I saw Sam Abney walk in the church to also be there for me.

God took away my fear. He took away my nervousness (to a point haha) and He got His message across the way that…….He planned it.

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again…I love it when a plan comes together.

Dear God,

Thank You for Your plan. Thank You that You have a plan for me and that it includes me. Today, You gave me the opportunity  of a lifetime to bring Your message and to have You speak through me. Help me to never lose sight that You are in control, and that You are the master planner.