Faith of a mustard seed

April 15, a day normally known to be Tax day, yesterday came to be known as something else for me and Steph. It may not be the #1 day in my life, but guaranteed it will be in the top three for some time to come and very hard to top. You see, God showed up in a huge way within hours of each other.

For years now, Steph and I  have been trying to grow our family. We have been down the adoption road, the child welfare road and the natural road for many years to come. Last June, we had a successful IUI procedure and became pregnant with what we had hoped to be our first child. God had other plans.

Also for many years, we have been serving in the role of volunteer in the youth ministry at church. Last year, we were interim youth pastor at a local church where we thought we would have a few months to make a difference and get our feet wet in youth ministry. Again, God had other plans.

A few months ago, we made the decision to try another IUI procedure thinking we were ready and everything was good to go. We had the money for the procedure and we had moved on from the miscarriage and the DNC. God had other plans. When Steph had the ultrasound to  begin the process over, a fibroid was found and we were told that until this was dealt with we would be guaranteed another miscarriage. Another bump in the road that has already been pretty bumpy.

With all of these setbacks, an amazing thing happened in our lives. Our faith, although rocked and shaken at times, began to grow stronger.  With each setback, it grew more. Sure we had times that one or the other, sometimes even both of us got down. We are imperfect people living in an imperfect world. It happens but each time we got down, we would rebound even more.

God gave us what we needed to be ready. She got love and support from a women’s bible study written and led by women who were going through what we were. I tried to get plugged in at church but finally realized this was a time that I needed to be still and get ready. God gave me a peace a few months ago to hang on, my time was coming to get ready.

Get ready we did. Steph came up with the idea to step out in faith and call God out based on scripture. We did exactly that. Even though we had no appointment and no plan for another IUI yet, we prepared for rain and painted the nursery. We planned to finish the nursery and God would move. We painted the room the brightest green with stripes and a plan to put scripture and the names of those praying with us on the walls.

Once finished the room looked amazing. We moved in the furniture and set it up.

About this time, God told me to contact a good friend of mine from LMBC about getting back in youth ministry. I contacted Suzan and had an amazing conversation with her. I sent her my resume the next morning and by that afternoon, I had talked with not one, but 2 churches about youth ministry. I had lunch with one pastor the next day and planned to visit the other church on Sunday.

This would also require some help from God if this is what He was doing. Steph loved her study group and I knew God would have to change her heart. He did just that. After meeting the people and youth at Sewell Mill, it was on. God had done just that. She wanted it as much as I did and we began going to Sewell Mill to meet and hang out with the youth there. I was incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to teach them and get to know them even more every week. We were becoming attached at a rapid rate.

We also set up the appointment for the next round of shots and finally another IUI.  We ordered the shots and “bump” more than we expected financially. God provided as He always does. She started taking shots and we were on our way only this time, it was different.

We had always had our friends and family behind us praying all the way. This time, we had a new church praying for us. We told the pastor’s wife at Sewell Mill what we were about to do and she asked if the church could pray over us. We agreed but we had no clue what was about to happen.

The end of the service that day came and the pastor explained what we were going through a medical procedure and that we had asked for prayer. He had also asked for a specific member to come forward as he “would need her help”. This very sweet lady prayed a prayer that I did not expect to have prayed over us. I felt the floor move. It seems like the walls shook. Mrs. Dotty, is a prayer warrior like no one that I have ever met before and she prayed the most comforting and powerful prayer that I would have expected to come from a prayer giant. I looked up and it seemed like the entire church was praying over us as we fought back the tears.

Tuesday morning came and I noticed Steph fumbling with a necklace. It was one she doesn’t wear often. It was a normal looking chain but had a mustard seed on it. All that we needed was faith of a mustard seed and God would move. We had WAY more than that at this point.

We got to the hospital and began what would be a long day. The first part was done by 8 AM and we would have to wait until 10 to do the actual IUI. This gave us plenty of time to respond to an email that David, the pastor from Sewell Mill had sent us with questions that he wanted us to think about. We spent the entire time collaborating on our response and still did not finish until later that night but the time had come for us to complete the IUI process.

We went back into the exam room and the nurse told us that a different doctor would be doing the IUI and not Dr. Spencer like before. Another small bump in the road but God said, “I’ve got this” and a few moments later, in walked Dr. Spencer to our relief.

The procedure went well and now began the painful 2 week wait. During this time, we poured ourselves into Sewell Mill and into the youth every chance that we had in an attempt to keep our minds occupied. It worked some of the time but as I told a close friend, doubt POUNDED on our doors. I quoted more scripture this past week than ever before. Every time Steph would mention something that made me feel like we werent pregnant, something else would happen to make me feel that we were.

This past Saturday, we were invited to have dinner at David and Glenda’s house. We had an amazing time with them just sharing life. Steph on the other hand was fighting nausea and did not want to throw up at their house on our first visit. We agreed that in the morning, 2 days early we would take the test.

4 AM, Steph wakes me up and says “do we take it now or later?” Of course we got up and took the test. While she was taking the test, I was in the nursery calling out the God who had gotten us there. The God who holds our lives in his hands. I quoted scripture. I prayed, I cried, I begged for God to show up.

Show up He did. 2 pink lines. We were expecting once again.

After breakfast together, a trip to Douglasville to tell her parents and numerous phone calls to tell my family and our friends, we went on to Sewell Mill. The pastor preached an amazing message on being obedient and at the end, said, “I am going to show you a great example of being obedient.” He called me and Stephanie forward and introduced us as their next youth ministers.

God had shown up again within a matter of hours. He has answered not one, but 2 of our biggest prayers…..just like we knew He would.


Dear God,

Thank you for your faithfulness and being true to Your Word. Protect our child from this point forward. Help us to reflect You through us not only in our child’s life, but in the lives of the youth You now have given us charge over. Help us to lead them in the way You would have us. Help us to show them Your love through us.