Life and things that matter

Life seems to fly by what matters is taking the time to spend it with those you
are close too
Our jobs give us titles and label us what matters is who we are not what we do
We all make mistakes what matters is learning from those mistakes and moving on
People in our lives leave what matters is never forgetting them
Some people need help but wont take it what matters is continuing to offer a hand
Its very easy to over committ what matters is knowing when its ok to say you cant
Opportunities may come what matters is what those opportunities may cost you
Everyone has a past what matters is not using their past to hold back their future
Making an impact on society could make a difference what matters is making s difference in the life of a child
We are all going to one day move from this world to the next  what matters is the life we live here affects where we live there
There are many ways to measure a successful life whay matters is how you are remembeted when u are gone

These are just a few things that I came up with a few weeks ago. More to come